Togieda has 2 passions in life.
1) She is a seasoned artist, who uses her well trained eye and professional interior design skills to stage homes during the sales process.
2) In addition, she is a culinary expert who indulges in catering for corporate functions, family functions and individuals.

Home Staging & Interior Design
Togieda says that as a young girl, she was always painting and upgrading her parents home.

After getting married, this trend continued in her own home. She redesigned and transformed each room, which led her to interior designing professionally.

These are just a few of the benefits home staging provides during the sales process.
1) 63% of buyers will pay more for "move in ready" homes.

2) Homes that are staged before listing it for sale, spent 90% less time on the market than unstaged homes.

Follow Togieda on @tginteriors on Instagram for more tips and advice.
Direct message her if you require her services or know someone who does.
Togieda utilises her amazing culinary skills to cater for large corporate and family events, as well as individuals.

As a young girl, she assisted her mother baking. She giggles as she admits that she's been blessed with this gift and can do it with her eyes closed.

Follow Togieda on @delicious_decadence_ on Instagram to view more of her delicious product offerings. 
Direct message her if you require her services or know someone who does.

These are just a few of the delicacies she has to offer.
Togieda and I had a wonderful morning casually discussing her dreams, her passions and how what she does can assist communities locally and nationally.
Please make time to listen to the full recording
here on Instagram, or here on YouTube.

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