Kay is an empath, who helps other empaths globally, in healing their emotional issues that lead to chronic fatigue and other health challenges.

Using her 8 week audio hearing journey she calls, 'Get your mojo back', she guides women how to use QiGong movement, stone therapy, aromatherapy and energy transmissions to dial down overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion.

QiGong Definition
According to Merriam-Webster, qigong is, "an ancient Chinese healing art involving meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises." 
In short, Qi is vital energy. Gong is cultivation. Combined we get a word that translates to 'the art of cultivating vital energy'.

Kay once suffered from extremely low energy levels herself, to the point where she was bed ridden and in pain for days on end. She battled with this for 22 years. 
With the help of QiGong medicines and techniques, a Chinese practice that is over 2000 years old, she was able to overcome these symptoms.
Kay calls QiGong, "the Godmother of Tai Chi."

Today, at 57 years old and symptom free, she continues to manage her energy and stress levels on a daily basis.
Testimony to her revived energy levels can be viewed on this 
IG reel.

Kay touches on some of the good and bad effects of herbal medicine uses.
She enlightens us about the 5 elements of nature and how the colors we are drawn to affect the energies around us. 

Kay's brand is built completely around her favorite color, blue.
She beams that, "Blues for me is all about celebrating adrenal, kidney, DNA, ancestral energy."
What color are you drawn to?

Listen in to sound of Kay's calm and soothing voice in this full IGTV interview

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